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1000 Friends of Maryland works for a better quality of life by engaging all Marylanders to achieve vibrant communities and healthy rural economies.


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Priority Issues

Over the next 30 years local development plans will result in the loss of over 400,000 acres of rural lands.  Maryland will be forced to pay billions of dollars it does not have for new roads, schools, and services.  At the same time the pollution from all this new development will make it harder and more expensive to make sure our air and water are clean and healthy. Many of our existing communities have been decimated by policies at both the state and local level that funded new development on green fields instead of reinvestment in older communities. 

We focus on four key strategies to help Maryland to slow the rate it is paving over rural lands and to encourage growth into areas that will result in more vibrant, economically and socially successful places to live, work and play.

  • Improve state and local planning processes to increase accountability for the results of those plans.
  • Encourage development where it should occur and discourage it from where it will do the most harm.
  • Target transportation plans and funding to ensure new infrastructure provides better choices for people to get to work, school and play.
  • Strengthen rural communities and economies; protect open spaces to reduce development pressures on these critical lands.

More information on our work can be found in the five categories on the left.  Make sure to also visit our "take action" pages to find out what you can do to make Maryland an even better place to live, work, and play!

A Vibrant Future for Maryland

1000 Friends has created a ten-step platform for achieving a vibrant future, a future that includes the following:

  • Maryland has vibrant cities and towns that support large and small businesses and are great places to live for people of all ages and incomes.
  • Maryland has a world class transportation system that provides transportation choices for affordable and efficient access to jobs, schools, services, and recreation.
  • Maryland has a healthy environment that results in a bountiful Chesapeake and Coastal Bays, clean rivers and creeks, and clean air.
  • Maryland has a resilient, diverse and sustainable economy that uses tax dollars efficiently and creates conditions that support job growth.
  • Maryland’s rural lands are economically strong and support farms to feed the region, lands for hunting, critical wildlife habitats and recreation.

 Click HERE for the complete vision and our 10 steps to a vibrant future.


Gubernatorial Forum was a huge success!

Thank you to all the Gubernatorial candidates for making time in their hectic schedules to be a part of this landmark event with 1000 Friends of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  All six campaigns presented how as governor they will address the critical issues of the Bay and smart growth. 

The candidates also had a great opportunity to meet so many leaders from across the state and learn more about additional issues they will need to address as governor. 

We will be working hard for the next year to make sure these important issues are a part of the campaigns at the state and local level. 

The room teemed with press. It was terrific that they saw this as an important event to cover. Enjoy some of the stories below.

The Washington Post

Capital/Carroll County Times

The Baltimore Sun




Gubernatorial Forum


Gubernatorial Forum

November 5, 2013  

2:00 – 5:00 PM

The Westin Annapolis

100 Westgate Circle, Annapolis


Thank you for your interest - Registration is now closed.

Join us one year from Election Day 2014 to meet candidates for Governor and to hear about critical issues facing the Chesapeake Bay and Smart Growth. The time is now for all Marylanders to hear what is needed to continue efforts to Save the Bay and grow so that communities, the economy and the environment thrive.

The afternoon will begin with two short presentations on the Bay and smart growth and the expectations for this important office. Then each candidate will present their environmental and smart growth platform to the audience. The afternoon will conclude with a reception and a chance to mingle with the candidates and environmental and smart growth leaders from across the state.

2:00 Registration

2:30 Presentations

  • Next steps towards a healthy Chesapeake Bay
  • Strategic path for a smart, resilient economic and environmental future for Maryland

3:00 Candidate perspectives – what do the candidates want their legacy to be on these two critical issues?

4:00 Reception

Event is free but seating is limited. Registration is required.


Thank you for your interest - Registration is now closed.