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1000 Friends of Maryland advocates for a more environmentally and economically sustainable future that creates opportunities for all Marylanders through better development patterns.



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Stronger Communities

From Cumberland to Baltimore to Ocean City, Maryland has a wealth of small towns and vibrant cities. 1000 Friends wants to see growth directed to our existing towns in the form of revitalization and expansion. 

Even in our urban areas, smart growth takes smart planning. Growth must come with:

  • Preservation of historic buildings and the vision of the community;
  • Improvements to services like schools, water treatment plants, and roads;
  • Creation of jobs to support local residents; and
  • Access to community parks and green spaces.

We support efforts that make it easier for developers to build in existing urban areas, such as tax credits and streamlined permitting. We also support community visioning efforts and strong local planning to ensure sure growth happens in balance with what the community needs.