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Growth & Transportation

The average Maryland commuter spends more than 250 hours every year commuting – three times as much time as the average Maryland family spends vacationing together. Scattered, automobile-oriented development has made driving the only viable transportation option for most Marylanders.  

1000 Friends is working to change Maryland’s transportation priorities so we have more choices available to get where we need to go. We are:

Rising gas prices are hitting the wallet of citizens and government alike. We work to ensure your tax dollars are spent on transportation choices that help all Marylanders, as opposed to new roads to nowhere.

Fight the Veto - Override it for Better Transit

Unbelievable!  Governor Hogan vetoed House Bill 1010, which created a board to oversee the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and required the creation of a strategic plan for the transit system. 

We have one of the few transit systems lacking an oversight board and it shows. And unacceptably there is also no strategic plan to meet current and future needs of transit riders.

There are so many stories of busses that don’t show up, trains that are overcrowded, and vast communities without connections to jobs, schools, and health care.  We need a better system. 

Creating a robust oversight board is one step toward making MTA more effective and responsive.  Ask Senate President Miller and House Speaker Busch to overridge the veto because we need more oversight for the MTA and  a greatly improved transit experience across Maryland.

For more information on the bill click here.  Click these links to see what the Baltimore Sun's coverage and editorial.

Transforming Transportation

Maryland residents suffer some of the worst traffic congestion in the country. Our public transportation is often unreliable and inadequate for accessing jobs and services. It’s time for smarter transportation investment and increased accountability. We urgently need you to contact your legislators today and ask them to support the transportation package, including HB1013/SB0908, HB0891/SB1035, HB1010, and HB1012. These bills will move Maryland in the right direction by:
Creating an open, transparent process for choosing the transportation projects to be funded with State dollars. Marylanders deserve to know why their tax dollars are spent on particular transportation projects and these decisions should be driven by clear goals that insure we get a return on our investment (HB1013/SB0908).
Repealing the farebox recovery requirement for the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), which is a strong disincentive for investing in transit. Expenses like maintenance, cleaning, and training operators increase operating costs – making it harder to meet the 35% farebox recovery requirement – but are essential to having a well-operated system (HB0891/SB1035).
Creating an oversight board for the MTA to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability to the people and local governments MTA serves. An empowered board that includes transit riders will improve MTA's ability to identify and implement the improvements needed to bring our transit service into the 21st century (HB1010). 
Expanding the existing Maryland Commuter Tax Credit program, which has not kept pace with increased carpool expenses and MTA, MARC, and DC Metro fares. Increasing the credit to $100 per month per employee and reducing carpool eligibility to 6 riders will encourage employers to participate in the program and help ease congestion in metro areas (HB1012).
Maryland needs a modern transportation system that provides choices for efficient and affordable access to jobs. Please contact your legislator today and ask them to support this transportation package.

Weighing Maryland's Economic Future

20150505120526524 0001Transportation for America recently released their study "Weighing Maryland's Economic Future:  Assessing the Benefits from the Red and Purple Lines." You can download the report here.

Mayoral Candidates Forum: Leadership for Improving Transportation

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Traffic delays.  Reliability.  Access to Jobs.  What will our next mayor do to improve transportation for Baltimore City? Now is the time for a serious discussion with the candidates for mayor about how we can have a world class transit system in Baltimore.

We had a great turn-out for this event on February 25, 2016.  If you couldn't make it, or just want to take a second look, the candidates answers to our questionaire is here.