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1000 Friends of Maryland advocates for a more environmentally and economically sustainable future that creates opportunities for all Marylanders through better development patterns.



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The average Maryland commuter spends more than 250 hours every year commuting – three times as much time as the average Maryland family spends vacationing together. Scattered, automobile-oriented development has made driving the only viable transportation option for most Marylanders.  

1000 Friends is working to change Maryland’s transportation priorities so we have more choices available to get where we need to go. We are:

  • Working with local groups to fight sprawl-inducing highway projects and support transit options;
  • Implementing state transportation reform and advocating for smarter state funding for transportation; and
  • Supporting federal action for stronger transportation policy and funding.

Rising gas prices are hitting the wallet of citizens and government alike. We work to ensure your tax dollars are spent on transportation choices that help all Marylanders, as opposed to new roads to nowhere.