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1000 Friends of Maryland advocates for a more environmentally and economically sustainable future that creates opportunities for all Marylanders through better development patterns.



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Priority Issues

Over the next 30 years local development plans will result in the loss of over 400,000 acres of rural lands.  Maryland will be forced to pay billions of dollars it does not have for new roads, schools, and services.  At the same time the pollution from all this new development will make it harder and more expensive to make sure our air and water are clean and healthy. Many of our existing communities have been decimated by policies at both the state and local level that funded new development on green fields instead of reinvestment in older communities. 

We focus on four key strategies to help Maryland to slow the rate it is paving over rural lands and to encourage growth into areas that will result in more vibrant, economically and socially successful places to live, work and play.

  • Improve state and local planning processes to increase accountability for the results of those plans.
  • Encourage development where it should occur and discourage it from where it will do the most harm.
  • Target transportation plans and funding to ensure new infrastructure provides better choices for people to get to work, school and play.
  • Strengthen rural communities and economies; protect open spaces to reduce development pressures on these critical lands.

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An Exciting Step Forward for Smart Growth

After many months of careful preparation and thoughtful planning, 1000 Friends of Maryland has decided to join forces with Preservation Maryland, the statewide non-profit preservation advocacy organization.

Under this new partnership, 1000 Friends will become Smart Growth Maryland, a robust and targeted campaign of Preservation Maryland. Kimberly Golden Brandt will lead this new campaign as an employee of Preservation Maryland, the Director of Smart Growth Maryland.

Under the banner of Smart Growth Maryland, the mission of 1000 Friends will continue undeterred. The only change our supporters should expect is a greater level of advocacy, outreach and education around smart growth issues thanks to increased efficiencies, bigger impacts and more donor dollars put towards this critical work.

That means more farmland saved, more historic cities and towns revitalized and a smarter future for Maryland.

Preservation Maryland was one of the founding organizational members of 1000 Friends of Maryland in 1994 and has remained a partner throughout the years by advocating for the policies and programs that make redevelopment of historic communities a reality. When existing communities are revitalized, sprawl is limited. This symbiotic relationship has kept the smart growth and historic preservation communities advocating on each other’s behalf for many years.

The launch of Smart Growth Maryland will further solidify this already strong relationship. Smart Growth Maryland provides Preservation Maryland with the ability to advocate for an even greater set of policies and programs that make preservation work possible. Alternatively, Preservation Maryland provides the smart growth community a unique partner to advance their common mission and to utilize historic places as a part of an overall smart growth message.

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