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Best Practices for Transportation Performance Measures

Download the full report here.

The Maryland Open Transportation Investment Decision Act was passed by
the Maryland General Assembly in 2016 to establish an objective, transparent
project prioritization process, aligned with clearly stated goals, for major
transportation projects. The original statute was amended in 2017 to make
some revisions to the performance measures in the act and to set out a process
for the development and review of those measures.

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The purpose of this report is to recommend a process for the development
of each of the 23 measures included in the act. These recommendations are
intended to be readily implementable and to reflect best practices. The sources
for these recommendations include:
1. Virginia’s SmartScale project prioritization program, which is widely
considered to be the state-of-the-art system in the United States and
which the Maryland General Assembly has identified as a model,
2. The new federal Transportation Performance Management system,
which requires state departments of transportation, including the
Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), to collect and
analyze a wide range of data that bear on many of the issues set out in
the Maryland law,
3. Other states and metropolitan planning organizations, and
4. MDOT’s own systems.
We believe that these recommendations demonstrate that it is feasible and
practicable for Maryland to adopt a high-quality project prioritization
system that meets all the objectives of the act.

Download the full report here.