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Scoring works

Bring transportation decisions out from behind closed doors.

Never before have we seen a state agency refuse to implement a new law.

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is playing games instead of moving forward on the law passed last year to improve accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility in the funding of major transportation projects -- with our tax dollars.

Never before have we seen a state agency blatantly lie about a law and what it does.

MDOT is even calling for the law to be repealed.  

Please help us to stand up for more transparency, better transportation projects, and smarter use of taxpayer dollars. Ask your legislators to stay strong, stand up to this bureaucratic nonsense, and bring transportation decisions out from behind closed doors.

To contact your legislator on this issue, click here.

To see the report on best practices on project scoring, click here.



PlanMaryland is a roadmap for Maryland's future, developed by the Maryland Department of Planning in cooperation with state and local organizations.  It does not supplant local jurisdictions zoning and planning authority but provides a focus to ensure a healthy environment and a sustainable future.

"PlanMaryland embodies these core principles:  that government should consider the long-term consequences of its decisions; that the public approach to fiscal, environmental and energy policy should be sustainable; that today's leaders should not merely defer addressing difficult problems for the next generation; that State agencies and local governments should work together to accomplish common goals and objectives for growth, development and preservation."

 Read PlanMaryland:A Sustainable Growth Plan for the 21st Century, the Executive Summary, and the September 2011 draft.

Publications Archive

For PDF versions of previous reports and publications, see below:

Recomendations for Better Project Scoring- Improving the Implementation of the Maryland Open Transportation Investment Decisions Acto of 2016, December 8, 2016.

Causes of Chesapeake Bay Pollution - Nitrogen from Septics - By County.  Downloaded from BayState in September 2016.

MDOT's Consolidated Transportation Program:  FY2016-2021

From Transportation for America: Weighing Maryland's Economic Future

Building on Baltimore's History:  The Partnership for Reuse  November 2014

Charles County Voter Survey, September 6, 2013

Charles County Comprehensive Plan Timeline, September 2013

Our Built Environments:  A Technical Review of the Interactions Between Lane Use, Transportation, and Environmental Quality (2nd Edition) June 2013.

Building Better Budgets:  A National Examination of the Fiscal Benefits of Smart Growth Development, May 2013.

Land Use Planning in Baltimore County:  Reaching the Vision, August 2012.

Cleaning Up Local Waters and the Bay - Ideas and Best Management Practices in Maryland's Watershed Implementation Plans (Local WIP Reports) June 2012.

Accounting for Growth:  Preventing Pollution, Reducing Sprawl by Chose Clean Water 2012.

The Case for Open Space February 2012.

PlanMaryland: Executive Summary, from the Md Dept of Planning, December 2011

Plan Maryland:  A Sustainable Growth Plan for the 21st Century, from the Md Dept of Planning, December 2011

Thanksgiving Report:  Where does your Thanksgiving Dinner come from?  November 2011

PlanMaryland:  Revised Draft Plan, from the Md Dept of Planning, September 2011

Growing Smarter:  Path to a Prosperous Maryland. Briefing Book for Elected Officials, February 2011.

Keep Farmers Farming June 2010.

A Smarter Future for Charles County November 2009.

Follow the Money - A New Direction for Transportation in Maryland 2009.

The Future of Land Use Plans after Terrapin Run 2008.

Yellow School Bus Blues 2007.

Smart Growth in Maryland:  Looking Forward and Looking Back, 2007.

Today's Vision Tomorrow's Reality:  Summary Report of the "Reality Check Plus" Growth visioning Exercises, 2006.

1000 Friends of Maryland Guide to Stopping Bad Development, 2002.