Mission Statement

1000 Friends of Maryland works for a better quality of life by engaging all Marylanders to achieve vibrant communities and healthy rural economies.


Across Maryland

The 1997 General Assembly passed five pieces of legislation and budget initiatives-Priority Funding Areas, Brownfields, Live Near Your Work, Job Creation Tax Credits, and Rural Legacy-known collectively as "Smart Growth."

Smart Growth directs the State to target programs and funding to support established communities and locally designated growth areas, and to protect rural areas. The Priority Funding Areas Act provides a geographic focus for the State's investment in growth-related infrastructure. The remaining four components complement this geographic focus by targeting specific State resources to preserve land outside of Priority Funding Areas, to encourage growth inside Priority Funding Areas, and to ensure that existing communities continue to provide a high quality of life for their residents.

2014 Election Platform

Our Vision for Maryland

  •    Maryland has vibrant cities and towns that support large and small businesses, and are great places to live for people of all ages and incomes.
  • •    Maryland has a world class transportation system that provides transportation choices for affordable and efficient access to jobs, schools, services, and recreation.
  •     Maryland has a healthy environment that results in bountiful Chesapeake and Coastal Bays, clean rivers and creeks, and clean air.
  •     Maryland has a resilient, diverse, and sustainable economy that uses tax dollars efficiently and creates conditions that supporjob growth.
  •     Marylands rural lands are economically strong and support farms to feed the region, critical wildlife habitats and recreation.


Md at Risk


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